Lingerie Care

We recommend to only hand wash lingerie to keep it in proper condition for as long as possible. Please read care section on each product page and label sewn into the seam before washing your lingerie. Bralettes, corsets, and garter belts should always be washed by hand.

Tips for easy hand washing:

  1. Fill your sink with cold or lukewarm water and add gentle detergent, lingerie cleanser or a mild soap.
  2. Soak your lingerie for about 10 minutes before gently rubbing stained or dirty areas. Before you hand wash lace please take the time to pre-treat any stains.
  3. Then, fill a sink with lukewarm water, add gentle soap move the fabric around in the soapy water.
  4. After, rinse in cool water until the water runs clear.

Tips for machine washing:

  1. Separate your lingerie into white, dark and separate colors for each wash.
  2. Set the machine to a delicate or wool setting with a low water temperature and gentle spin cycle.
  3. Only wash your lingerie with similar lightweight fabrics.
  4. Use a net bag or a lingerie bag. Without any protection, the underwire could tear fabric and ruin detailing on lingerie.

Drying tips:

  1. Gently squeeze out the excess water or press the garment between two clean, dry towels to remove the excess water and then lay it flat and allow to dry naturally.
  2. Avoid drying your lingerie in direct sunlight, as you may find the item becomes discolored over time.

Storing tips:

  1. Freshen with delicate fabric spray or lingerie spray between uses.
  2. Wash bras after every other wear.
  3. Store bras, bralettes and corsets in their original shape to preserve proper fit.
  4. Steam Clothing + Lounge as needed, skip the iron.